Tailored consultancy

The Firm offers legal consultancy and assistance in favour of Italian and international clients on a “day-by-day basis,” maturing on that particular type of service a considerable experience so as to become, in a short time, the reference point of small, medium, and large companies in Emilia-Romagna, and at the national and EU level, and performing similar consulting assignments for institutions and public administration.

The Firm aims primarily to combine the experience and professionalism that characterizes its assistance in major international projects with lean and flexible forms of work organization that are aligned with the personal aspect of the relationship between client and professional and is able quickly to provide customized services and solutions tailored according to specific needs.

Our values

Personal attention

Titi&Associati understands the individual needs and makes listening a priority in their consultancy.


Diversified corporate culture as well as continuous cultural growth of our consultants enhance daily life at Titi&Associati.


Constantly and intensely kept up to date accompanied by the impulse for improvement, while fostening research of competitive advantages in the interests of the client.

Entrepreneurial passion

Research into innovative solutions for the development of the individual and the community are the result of a proactive and empathetic attitude to the needs of the client.


Awareness of the consequences of actions and constant attention to providing sustainable solutions.


The moral integrity of the consultants guarantees balanced advice with an absence of conflicts of interest.

“The excellence and professionalism expressed by our country is appreciated all over the world and we wish to remind everyone: investments and projects made in Italy have intrinsic value through association and are instantly recognizable which makes them successful from the start.”.

Eros Titi